Who is Daniela Callegher?


Who I am
Who is Daniela Callegher?


Emotions—transformed in reality
Words— expressed per image
Richness—in its diversity and uniqueness
Everything is art, we can create with anything because everything is Creation.
Handcrafted fabric, dyed, painted, creased, sewn, torn, crusted, discarded, reintegrated, reshaped:
Clothes like paintings or sculptures, from here come“Paintings in different shapes”
Perpetual motion of being ARTEèMODA = FASHION ARTIST



Philosophy of the item of clothing
Clothes are complex products result of many transformations.
Intuitions or primary ideas determinate the leading process to the end product.
Drafts, outlines, sketches, model study, fashion design techniques, fabric and dyes research, material for decorations, embroideries and finishing are at the creator’s fantasy disposal.

The origins: Love.
Nothing could ever be created without Love
The passion for appearance, dressing up and disguise lead us from childhood. I started playing with buttons sitting on the floor next to my grandmother who was sewing.
I could hardly walk and I sat quietly enchanted by those shapes and colours especially if they looked of gold or precious stones. I dreamt of how to use them.
Some cut outs fell from her chair and I immediately got hold of them as precious objects. Later on those cut outs became wonderful evening dresses for evening balls in prince castles customised for my doll. My fur hat with tail became a comfortable chair, the colourful handkerchiefs were cloacks for the wardrobe or seamless dresses folded up the sleeves or tied at the back. Basically everything that was available reshaped through my magic.
I believe that we all live a fairy tale in the exact moment we want to. We are queens, elves, fairies and art is the means for our spirit to shows itself. They are dreams, experiments, projections of reality.
Creating is joyful for me.
Items of clothing like a projection of our own being, this is how I see my creations…

The idea was born in accordance with my customers’ needs or with personal inspiration.
I translate it by drafting, sketching with the tris, trimmings, the fabric available and the different material that will make up the item of clothing.
I design the development of the model and I prepare the prototype in paper or fabric.
It is an exclusive process per single item because they are unique creations. Variants only are possible.
I love painting and dying by hand personally as well as playing with fabric originating unusual structures and shapes. Here comes the name “Paintings in other shapes”.
Fashion clothes at any time.
The creation is made up by the expert hands of dressmakers with wide experience in High fashion Atelier or in well-known Turin Maison; The handmade dress has a priceless value, it requires patience, devotion, talent, manual ability and high professionalism. These skills are rare nowadays and I thank these artists ever so much.



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